Poaching: National Statistics… Nonexistant

With the recent attacks on the gray wolf pack in Washington, and my research heading to a more American view of how poaching reaches us closer to home I had a question of my own– Which State has the most occurrences of poaching in the U.S. I soon found that because poaching in The United States is not a federal offense, there are no national statistics for poaching in the U.S. From here I figured I could just look at state departments, and check how trends have changed. One of the few states I was able to find figures for poaching on was California.

In California, in 2007 there were over 17,840. This was up from just over 14,000 in 2005, the state has contributed the increase in poaching to a straining economy. However I was unable to find specific statistics such as these for many states in the United States. Many states glorify their accomplishments of arresting suspected poachers, but fail to reveal statistics similar to the state of California. Is poaching not prominent enough to keep national statistics? How can our country monitor efforts to hinder poaching if we do not not where we are coming from or where we are going? This makes little sense to me.

If anyone has better luck finding statistics similar to these feel free to let me know.


~ by jjfunston on April 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Poaching: National Statistics… Nonexistant”

  1. Hi,
    I am hoping to maybe get any info (numbers, stats, figures) you might have concerning poaching in the U.s. or globally for that matter. I am in an intro to computers class at my local college and I have to put together a small 3 min. power point on ANY topic. So, I figured that this would be a good platform to get my 2 cents in to a good sized group of people. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email it to me at the email I supplied.

    • This blog was also created for a college level class. Any and all of my research is included in the blog itself, however the original sources for much of the materials are located on the toolbar to the right. Going through similar research over the course of a semester, I found a very viable option to be simply scanning Google news or other mass news outlets for up-to-date poaching information and researching from there. Also, your locale hunting/game regulation administration may be able to provide some more up to date statistics that aren’t published publicly. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact me again.

      P.S. All of the information on this blog was up-to-date as of 2009 if you were concerned about its relevance as of today.

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