Breakdown in Law Enforcement Leads to Rhino Deaths

I came across an article from the associated press, reported through MSNBC, that discussed how a recent falling out in Zimbabwe has lead to an increase in Rhino poaching.

The population of rhinos in Africa decreased from 830 down to 740 within the last year. This statistic is even more startling when you take into account that records show that many of the animals have been successfully reproducing both in captivity and in the wild.

The rhinos are killed for the large horn located on the front of their heads, the horns are then sold to some Asian countries and used in traditional medicine, and they can also be carved for decorations as many tribes around Africa customarily do.

I found this story initially relevant because of the inclusion of the rhino on the WWF’s “9 to watch” list. Its interesting to see how a breakdown in regulation and law enforcement can decrease animal numbers in such a short amount of time

As usual… Link to the right.


~ by jjfunston on April 21, 2009.

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