Poaching: My Final Project

As I mentioned in my inaugural post that this blog was created in accordance with an English class I was taking for Miami University. For the class I was required to create a “final” multimodal project for the class. I chose to create “Poaching: An Insight”. This is a short film created to represent poaching as a worldwide crisis.

The video includes some information on poaching that I have written about on this site before; but much of the information is newly researched. Some of the facts are quite intriguing so give it a look.

Although my span with the class has ended, I will continue to post information I come across involving the poaching of animals. The updates may not be as frequent, but continue to check it out.


~ by jjfunston on May 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “Poaching: My Final Project”

  1. Hi, I really liked you video about poaching but must correct you in regards to Australians (ALL classes) and whale meat. It has been banned in Australia since 1981, and is not available. The whales that are hunted and killed off the coast are done so by Japanese who claim to do “scientific research” on the whale meat and it IS available in Japan as a delicacy, not in Australia. Most Australians do not support the whaling industry.

  2. Thnk u for ur infor i liked it

  3. nice video

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